Saturday, August 24, 2002

yawn. i took so long to figure out this html shit, now i need my bed. heh. take care all.
okay, boo! yeap. got a few members in here already. i noe this is quite sucky. i mean the layout and all. its da starT! and im not very good in such stuff... heh. forgive me alright?

this blog is for da members to ermm update regularly, and hmm if u aint gonna update regularly, im sorry, i might have to take u off da list okay? heh. dun worry, da oni good thingie bout bein member is to update la. hahaa. oh well.. so even if ure a non-member, still can play with da taggie board, and hmm still can comment alright?

and ermm, if u all wanna add pple, ermm let me noe their names and email...den ill email them. heh.

hope u all have fun. ;o)
Hello..*knock-knock* Testing 1,2,3..Boo!!
Harrowww people!!im new here..*stands up and waves her hand frantically* -Grinz_ Hows ur dae like...Ans anyone?Hehhe..
hmm... hello everyone =)
yay, welcome to dazzled_ , cooLmInt-, eugenia, T.Anastasha !!!! heh. my new members. ;o)
testing tesing 123 321
ermmm. test test?
hahah yay! addded a taggie!!!

Friday, August 23, 2002

okay.. finally learnt abit. urGh. its damn late now. but im very very interested to make this work. i dunno if it can be a grp blog kinda thing. i dunno why im doing it either. but i thot it was pretty fun to have a blog where everyone can blog in la. heh. so if u all are interested, sign up for an account and can blog together here la. haha... just trying la. havent got the idea of blogger yet. my apologies la. still trying to fiddle ard the stuff... ;o) i give up.. so diffferent from da rest. hmm try again tmr. heh. and btw, i dun like the "jamie tan' thingie at da bottom. urGh.
ahh shit. dunno how to work this thing.
wondering if this can be a grp blog...
heh. got a new blog. siGh. got this account long time aGO, its oni now that i decide to use it.