Saturday, August 31, 2002

oh my gosh!
did anyone watch "sing singapore"?
its so good!

esp when pl performed! once again i'm overwhelmed with the "pl-spirit"

i guess there is no way to escape it arh! *grinz*
i nearly cried cos i was so proud of them!
God bless PL!
*chokes with pride*

Friday, August 30, 2002

yO!!! my main papers are over today!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im left with PQS tmr. hah. hah. hah. yay.

yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! so happie. but i tink i screwed up da rest of da papers which i had this week la... sadly.. urgh. cant wait to see my reaction when i get back 3 papers failed. oh mannnn.... shit larh. quite worried bout it actually. urgh..... and i realised i didnt do my PQS mystery shopper thingie... its fucking 20%. oh man. im gonna die. die die die.

yawn. im super tired now... i need my sleep. heh. shall go sleep soon. should i even study for tmr's paper? oh man.
hi all, todae is quite an okay day for me. I went back secondary school todae and the teachers' performance is quite lame sia... haha.... haiz... but quite alright la.... the teachers still remember me cos i have a famous brother in my school.... haha.....

Thursday, August 29, 2002

damn sian lor. i'm feeling kinda vexed and frustrated right now. i hate the school's system and the new management. boo to all. :(
i shall not go to the details. i'll be too long. bah.
sigh.... todae so bored... dunnoe where to go. But i went to my bf house and then after that my godfather house to help my godbrother dl things. Tmr is teachers' day le... then mi tmr going back with my sec school frens. quite miss my sec school teachers... hehe
well, as the saying goes "better late then never"

its really sad how life is going now.. last year, some one in my sch act committed suicide cos of her mid year results or smthing.. it was a major thing in my sch. with her class mates mourning by wearing black ribbons and even got pastor come in and pray. can tell that the prinicipal was in majoy shock over it.

its really sad how pple dun treasure the life and body that God has for them.
anytime you feel like doing smthing hurting , rem that its God's temple. this serves well to remind me each time i wanna do smthing stupid. *grinz*

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

i think about leaving PL, and i want to cry. tomorrow's the last day proper lessons will be conducted. after that it's hols, prelims, then revision. then Os.

i love chapel sessions, even though i dont pay attention alot of times. i've been having chapel for ten years now. and suddenly, it will all be gone.
today's chapel message was about the dark forces. it was a good sermon, with a good speaker from Trinity Christian Centre. i think the sermon should have come earlier. i so so needed that sermon right about 2 weeks ago, when i really felt like dying in school. hah.

the speaker talked about the works of the devil, and how the already thin line between good and evil is getting thinner and thinner. and suddenly, it is so hard to distinguish right from wrong. he touched on suicide, and i wonder if that has ever crossed my mind. i think it has. but i know i wont do that to myself. it's a crime, a crime to myself, a crime in the eyes of the law, and an unjust move to God, because He gave us life.
but sometimes i really wonder why i havent inflicted self injuries on myself, considering that im such an emotionally unstable person. i pray and pray, that the strength in me that is keeping me from doing crap top hurt myself will only get stronger. i dont want that strength to fade away, because then, i will not know what i will do to myself.

chapel today made me think about stuff. and im glad. it's been awhile since a sermon whether at chapel or church has really touched me and made me contemplate on things.
blerugh. in some weird mood today.
class is being irritating about our item for teachers day this friday. hope all goes well. im so so tired out from all this. bleh.
hey, this is bad. why havent u all been updating this blog???? -disappointed-

today someone made me damn pissed. shant sae why. cos i aint pissed anymore. hah. but it was somewhat like asking me out den ermm hoggin on her hp for ermm almost da whole journey there.

oh well. accounts paper today was terok la. i oni wanna wish for a pass. siGh. oh well. i posted up a picture of my safety pin earring on my main blog so can take a look if u wan. ;o)

oh well, pls pls pls update okay? den i will be back to read ur long grand-mama stories. ;o) and for me, 2 more paper to go. marketing on friday and PQS on sat. oh man. cant wait for the weekend to come. and clarice, i might be going clubbin on sat. wanna go? ;o)

yeahhh... mi finish my exam le.... now having a 2 week holiday... at least can relax a bit le.... Jamie work hard know???? all the best... hehe
ARH!!! *laughs insanley* my freaking prelims are over! had my last three hour lit paper just now! ARH!! this feels so great!
but then again this exam has been pretty much slack lor.. but then it feels good! *grinz*

but then soon also must start studying for the "A"s liao.. guess what, right after the exams, the lit teachers were giving out revision time table! like what the heck! give us a break man! *sticks out tongue*

to all still having tests or exams, like jarmz.. all the best and work hard!

Monday, August 26, 2002

yop! me tmr got econ exams! ARH! today supposed to study but then in the end also fall asleep and spent like abt 6 hours on the comp! ARH!
bOo! heh. anyway, i will be away from bloggin for a while, off to study i will go.. heh. please pray for me that ill pass okay? heh.

will be back this weekend.

in da meanwhile, continue bloggin and all. ill still come and read okay? ;o)

(Note: check out eugenia's new layout from her link at da left side!!! its pretty! clarice, ull love it. ;o))

Sunday, August 25, 2002

i've got a new layout up. :)
me? i think im the youngest? lol.
16 from plmgss. heh.

boo. slept at 6pm, woke up at 10. caught practical magic. it's so shweeet. haha. was abit freaked out though. lol.

have english prelims tmw. worried that my english doesnt flow tmw though. ahh well. if all else fails, i will ignore the plot and concentrate on describing. haha. oh wait. i have a terrible vocab. that will not work. lol.

geewhiz ok hi im back...mhwahwha nice seeing u peoplez. *mwah* be bloggin here more ;)
eh, serene knows how to blog wat. ><;

okay.i'm eugenia, 19, tp, dip in bit.
nice meeting u all ^^
yoP! me finally managed to plow thru like 144 of my mail to find the invite to this blog!
hey jarmz,serene koh! *winkz*
yay! welcome to serene koh, she just joined! yay. and yeap, as she said, so coincidence, eugenia's her friend. haha. and i knew eugenia from bloggin. hah. oh well. this is gettin more an dmore exciting man. haha.. hope more pple will join, and actually i DO NOT know if there is a limit to members for this. hmm do any of you know?

oh well, i just came back from my auntie's place. her bdae today la. heh. so exciting. realised alot of my cousins are computer geeks. heh. all very interested in computers one. even my brother yeahh. ayE. i cant wait for dinner. my mommie's cooking spaghetti. anyone wants? heh.

and btw, im jamie, 18, ngee ann poly. ;o)

(Note : can u all have a self intro in ur next entry? heh. cos i tink u all do not know each other. but i noe all of u. heh. ;o) )
Hihi evryone, I am serene and i have just joined jamie's blog... hmmm.... term test coming and evryone gonna studying.... so sianz... The world is so small.. my fren, eugenia is also a member of jamie's blog... haha.... gtg now... cos need to study for term test le... TaKe CaRe guys....
i finally figured out my html. lol. sense of accomplishment there.
i woke up with a sorethroat today. not good. lol. anyways. good afternoon all!
-grins- oh yea. have not erm. introduced myself no?
im joleneee. /me waves violently.