Saturday, September 07, 2002

as i held the big umbrella, standing under the cool wind and rain splattering down on the umbrella overhead, i realise how long it has been since i had last held an umbrella. one of the little dislikes i have in life is holding umbrellas.

but tonight, the sound of the rain going pitter patter on the umbrella just made me want to stand there for always. the wind gently blows the raindrops onto my legs, knee down, i once again realise howmuch i love the rain. i love writing when it rains, i love cuddling under the soothing warmth of my pooh bear comforter, i love reading a good book with the rain splashing on the window. i especially love falling alseep when the storm is raging outside, yet i know i am safe from it.

hmm. scribbled that down on paper just now, just after i got back from sending kana home.
why did i end up holding an umbrella? i was supposed to wait for my dad to park his car, then shelter him to the void deck. and i had just stood there, thinking about the rain, forgetting i was supposed to shelter him. until he honked the horn. almost killed myself laughing. think about it. im standing about a meter away from the car, in the rain, stoned. suddenly my dad honks cuz the only reason why i was holding an umbrella was to shelter him.
because i was laughing so hard, i couldnt hold the umbrella properly he ended up wet anyway. lol.
heh, went clubbin yest. drank till i almost died. was super high. hah.

oh well. this blog has been pretty quiet. anyway how have u all been?

my head hurts. oh man.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

aCks. i was with serene for the camp. hehehe. lotsa fun. =)

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

my one week hols are non-existant. lol.

been studying and studying. boo. going to study chem tmw. good luck to me. haha..

jamie uh.. u going for LD night?? night or afternoon uh? sarah said u going. haha.

yup. nothing much to blog about eh. you all take care ya.

Tuesday, September 03, 2002

hahah oh man. i just came back from swimming.. went to singapore swimming club with my auntie and uncle, my mom and my bro. hahaha so nice okay. ate curry for "dinner" and it was bloody spicy. i oni can take the curry from far east. hahahaa.

hahhaa just typed an entry for my blog. and it was a funny entry. u all go take a look okay? hahaha.... my goodness and im still laughin over it.

oh well. am super tired. and im going otbed soon. got lecture tmr.

oh did i mention i went for OM lecture today? am so proud of myself. went myself. ;o)

am going to attempt to be a good girl and go for all lectures. yay.

and ^SeR^, im apple!!! u cannot anyhow call pple apple hor! u idiot la u. ;o) glad u enjoyed ur camp.
yoz everyone is good to see u all here again... i just came back for camp at Orchid Park Secondary. It was a tiring but fun day for me... anyway this is a leadership camp for sec 1 students. and i am one of the facilitators. The kids there are real cute especially one of them whose ears will turn real red when he is embarrased... i call him apple... yesterday it was his bthdae and we sang him a bthdae song and he got v red ears... u should know why la... haha... then when he went for break he ask me why his ears is v hot... i was luffing there.... haha.... but overall i just love this camp and i love the kids too

Monday, September 02, 2002

sigh, everyone;s so stressed with sch and all. it always happens.. like the mid term part? yeah, and its damn stressful. and i guess its worst when its a grp work and everyone else push it to u. hmmm. read A's blog, and i felt bad suddenly. although she said it wasnt me, but i felt that i was partly involved, since i was part of the grp. but oh well. perhaps i should have been more sensitve to her and helped her out in the website thingie, but i have just as much stuff to do. sigh. i noe ull read this... im sorry okay?

aye. oh well. am super tired. am going to read my marketing text and sleep soon. yawn.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

hey eugenia, if u wanna make a new layout. i make u also one of the administrator la. den u change urself la. ure better in html den me. heh. let me noe okay?

oh well. went novena for churchie today. hah. very tiring leh. some procession thingie.

oh well. am super tired now... yaWn. tmr got lecture in da morning. oh man...

anyway.... new layout!!!!!!!!!
i've got this really bad blister!
cos of my heels lor!
i'm so convinced that there is a time limit to wearing my heels!
once i exceed my church hours, i cant wear it or else *pain*!!

i'm thinking of making a new layout for this blog.
oh man, just came back from sushi lunch. heh. met a sch mate there, giving out flyers for pasta mama. den she very cham liao, and stuffed a whole stack of those flyers into my plastic bag. haha so i came home, and started shoving a few into the letter boxes of my block. hah.

oh well. they were having some kiddos thingie there. and there were da toys r us mascot. that stoopid giraffe?? yess... oh man. did i ever tell u all i hate hate hate and im totally scared of mascotS? those big tall and toyish mascots? ohh. and also clowns. oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and i was so freaked out. i was wondering where that stoopid giraffee will come out from. i also saw ronald macdonalds. oh god. scarie.

goign to novena church with my mom later. got some procession for Mother Mary or something. its some catholic thingie la. so just accompany her loh. aint i fillial? heh.

and.. u all havent been bloggin!!! oh man.....