Saturday, September 14, 2002

10 years ago, I...
1. saw much more of my grandparents as compared to now.
2. was stick thin.
3. shifted to my current estate.
4. still had a "happy family".
5. was forced to learn how to write my chinese name. i learnt it one year later.

5 years ago, I...
1. got to know kana.
2. formed a closer relationship with clara.
3. had my operation.
4. was in one of my favourite classes.
5. was a typical teeny bopper.

2 years ago, I...
1. hated the school for all its "im-so-cool-you-suck" students.
2. created much grief for my then-form teacher and current chinese teacher along with my class.
3. screwed up my studies and didnt study for my exams, thus my standard dropped.
4. has terrible handwriting.
5. could be found in town almost everyday after school.

1 year ago, I...
1. knew and understood myself much better.
2. got to know many of my close friends now.
3. found out i would be in the same class as many fantastic people.
4. was sad to not have daphne in our class anymore.
5. was very amused with mrs tay's never-stop-blinking eyes. am still amused.

Yesterday, I...
1. changed the layout of my blog.
2. found out how good it is to be nice to myself for once.
3. had to deal with mixed feelings about stuff.
4. met harps outside for the first time.
5. had a good day in general.

Today, I...
1. did nothing but sleep and read.
2. am sleeping over at my aunt's place.
3. wonder what i mean to . . .
4. got addicted to pandan mooncake.
5. had fish head curry and homemade soya bean drink.

Tomorrow, I..
1. might attempt to study with someone.
2. will still wonder wat i mean to . . .
3. will try to get home as fast as i can so i can study.
4. will decide to screw studying and instead study on monday, because i have no school.
5. will be as emotionally confused as i've been for the longest time.

Five Years from now, I..
1. will be a proper adult.
2. will still want to be reading and finding joy in it.
3. will still be friends with a particular few. -firm-
4. will probably have trouble dealing with my constant search on my true self.
5. will still be on a search for my missing collarbone.

Friday, September 13, 2002

after a day of spending 89 bucks pampering myself, i feel much better. thats good.
the prelims and all are killing me. ugh.

oh. bought this christian cd today.. "when the music fades.." by stuart barbour, david lyle morris, simon goodall. very very nice.

jamie jamie. you take care ya? -hug-

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

10 things.

1. stressed
2. many things to do
3. stressed
4. many projects to hand up
5. stressed
6. scared no time for bdae present
7. stressed
8. assignments
9. stressed
10. i hate life.

Sunday, September 08, 2002

yoo hOo!
how have u all been?
i have been pretty okay... quite slack.. oni for this weekend. heh

CDS 84/100
OM 26/50
Marketing 25/50
PQS 3/10
Accounts -not yet-

aye. thats the summary of my test marks
aint good right?
but i guess i should be happie i passed all but stoopid pqs.
pqs= loser subject.

oh well, u all take care okay. and continue bloggin okay?